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Once upon a time, there was a mother of 4.  Born in Bluffton, raised in Huntington...she moved away after graduating high school.  After living all over the country, from Utah to Washington DC, and then Colorado, she finally found solace and friendship living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After meeting the love of her life and acquiring two more kids, she lived a childhood dream of working as a high school teacher at Homestead High School. Despite the life she had always assumed was perfect, she searched for something more, wanting to thrive on her creative, edgy, and business-like demeanor. She waited and waited until the day she would meet someone who lived the same dream...


In a land further (okay, a couple miles) from the first, a second mother lived with her 3 beloved children and incredibly supportive husband. This woman inhaled and exhaled the love of family and loved having family and friends over to make memories. She had also decided to open her own hair studio, hoping to put her cosmetology and business license in to use. Despite the success of her 3 children and husband along with her business, she too hoped for a new adventure and was waiting for the perfect moment.


Approximately 4 years ago, two daughters decided to become best friends.   Playing on a successful basketball team together and driving their mothers crazy as a result of their spontaneous adventures. Eventually, the girls mothers met up, became best friends, and started sharing their idea for a boutique they believed was needed for women their age.  They kept talking and talking about it and finally, Karla's husband said, "Will you quit talking about it and start doing it"


~This is our story, a story we are beyond blessed and fortunate to share with our friends, family, and potential customers. "With brave wings she flies" is our motto.  We know women come from all different backgrounds.  We believe women are full of strength, courage, and humility.  We want to help you feel confident and beautiful.


~Karla & Tiffany


100% Cotton





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6248 West Jefferson Blvd,  Fort Wayne,  IN 46804

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